Five Park represents the intersection of function, beauty, and sustainability.


Five Park

Miami Beach


The Miami Beach Of Today is Unapologetic, Fizzling With New Creative Frisson, and Entirely Yours To Discover


A Story of Transformation

There’s only one constant in life — change. Some places eke out an inflexible identity, seeking a solid foundation or era to plant their feet firmly and dig their heels into. Others are more mutable, willing to cast off associations and judgments, eager and able to begin again and reinvent themselves, as adaptable as a light breeze and as flexible as swaying palms. We’re one of those places. Five Park is the epicenter of transformation, ushering in a new decade and an era of unprecedented communal and personal change. Step into this new era and experience all that Miami Beach has to offer.


Beach Living in an Incomparable Backdrop

Helmed by renowned architecture and planning studio, Arquitectonica, Five Park represents the intersection of function, beauty, and sustainability. This cylindrical marvel draws its curvilinear form from the undulating waves that reflect the ecology and culture of Miami Beach. Five Park’s elliptical floor plans serve to optimize dwellers’ access to abundant natural light and expansive views of the city, water, and park below while also opening visual access in communal areas, corridors, and accessible terraces. Verdant and lush terraces bring the earth to the sky, but they also help modulate the building’s heating and cooling, adding a layer of smart technology to this well-considered ecosystem. Resourceful techniques improve the building’s approach to water quality, water management, and heat load.


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